Having ramp problems?

There are so many 'have a go builders' who simply fail miserably when making and balancing a horsebox ramp - We get numerous phone calls from horsebox owners with ramp problems, as the original maker simply cannot rectify their problem, like the one shown in photo below.

(Please note: This is not a JSW horsebox!!)

Balanced ramps are one of our specialities on our builds - We focus on a simplified manual ramp which is perfectly balanced for ease of lift and drop, cutting out the added weight and complexity of hydraulics if not managed correctly.

It is also vital to have this part serviced annually to ensure you get the best lift and drop time after time - A ramp hinge is prone to collecting debris, and requires cleaning and lubrication.

We do repairs to most 'other' horseboxes, for example: skirt and tack locker replacements, re-skinning of ramps, accident damage work and re-sprays to horseboxes.


Our team of experienced coach builders tackle the most complex of jobs with an excellent feedback and satisfaction from customers - getting you back on the road as fast as we can.


We do insurance repair work and are accredited by leading insurance assessors and companies.

To book in your horse box for repairs by contacting us on 01609 772449.

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