Jump into colour....

What’s the scariest jump colour combination for your horse?  Is it colour or is it pattern they shy to?

Various tests done over the years relieved many different feed results but two colours keep coming back to me – Blue and Yellow!


MJ yellow  blue   Fried egg1

We are forever playing with new colour combinations as we love colour in the JSW house and ....


...have been playing about with yellow as the main domain colour for a little while – It’s shows up strong at dusk making it almost iridescent and more vibrant to the horse (as well as to the rider!)  

Scary graphics also play a key part to addressing obstacles around the show jumping ring, Emma is known as the Queen of Scare when it comes to addressing your fillers with optical illusions and strong colours, so, be warned, you'll always go home with apprehension and excitement too!

Graphic - rainbowrings  Graphics - Firework

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