Cheval Liberté Maxi 3 Iron Grey

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Cheval Liberté Maxi 3 Iron Grey


The Cheval Liberté Maxi 3 in Iron Grey horse trailer, is a popular choice for any horsey family.    It is the perfect three stalled pony or 2 stalled horse trailer. This stunning Cheval Liberté Maxi 3 in Iron Grey, horsebox trailer is perfect to accommodate all your tack and equipment with its own walk in tack compartment to the off-side.  Inside you will find three generous saddle brackets and bridle hooks, interior lamp, wheel-chocks and you spare wheel are all house here.

This trailer is a fully equipped box and is perfect for Western riders, Dressage or a Pony Club family, for example.

Details & Specification of the Cheval Liberté MAXI THREE

  • This trailer is a diagonal / herringbone three-stalled horse trailer with alloy planking stall partitions which are fully telescopic and adjustable.
  • Pullman 2 Suspension makes it one of the BEST towing suspension on any trailer to date.
  • Coil spring & shock absorbers suspension.
  • Gross weight 3000kg with approx.. unladen weight 1250kg
  • Rear and front ramp unloading as standard feature.
  • Alloy planking floor 25mm with glued and sealed rubber.
  • Anodized aluminium side wall construction which is low on maintenance and attractive finish.
  • Off-side side opening window flaps with top opening windows with protective face bars
  • Front exiting ramp with opening top flap on lifting gas rams.
  • Sliding vent window to the near-side.
  • Rear ramp which re-opens as access door making it perfect for pallet loading of goods or feed, and cleaning out the debris.
  • Rear roller mesh curtain, thus allowing free air flow, keeping flies and wasps at bay whilst travelling.
  • Polyester dome front & roof-line in colour.
  • Telescopic stall partitions , all adjustable and with clear PVC skirt flap.
  • Large tack cubicle with door to near-side with window, adjustable saddle bars, three bridle hooks, coat hoos, spare wheel mounting inside the room and a mirror on the door with elastic storage pockets.
  • One Tack up bar (right only)
  • Interior LED strip light
  • High level brake light
  • 13-pin plug electrics


  • Overall length  5.24m x width 2.30m x height 2.63m
  • Loading height only 38cm.

This trailer has the following extras added over basic spec:

  • Blanket rack / storage rack in the horse area
  • Priced at £13,100 + vat = £15,720 inc vat
  • 12months Equine Rescue Package is included with any brand new Cheval Liberte Horse Trailer at JSW in Northallerton.


  • CCTV camera system.
  • High security Hitch lock.
  • High security Wheel clamp.
  • 2nd Stainless steel tack up bar (left side) F/O.
  • Alloy wheels (factory order only)
  • The anti-theft trailer tracking system is now available on all trailers purchased from JSW, ask in store for more details

Interested in this trailer or one of the other CHEVAL models?  Why not call us on 01609 772449 today and we willbe only too happy to assist.

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The Cheval Liberté Maxi 3 in Iron Grey horse trailer, is a popular choice for any horsey family.  It is the perfect three stalled pony or 2 stalled horse trailer.


Cheval Liberte

We have been the UK's longest continual stockist and distributor since 2005, French horse trailer company, Cheval Liberte is a well recognised brand in the UK, with the design of their horse trailers ahead of the rest.


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