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Chosen by Professionals and Valued by competitors, Brian James Trailers started in 1979 from Car trailers, to Recovery trailers, to Racing car trailers, to Race Shuttles, to Professional transporter trailers, to Flatbed trailers, and now to Utility trailers, Equipment trailers, and Multi-purpose trailers the story goes on for nearly thirty years...

If you are looking for a car transporter trailer, a Brian James trailer is the breed to have.

For the motorhome owners towing the perfect small car, then the ideal trailer is from the Micro-Max range moving on to slightly larger cars take a look at the A-Max or the Minno-Max range.

The trailers donned for the competitive weekender racer is now the latest model being the C2 Blue, C4 Blue, A2 & A4 Transporters or the original models of the Clubman, A-Max or Auto trailer.
The professional automobile dealers popularise the T Transporter series and tilt beds, Hi-max and Auto Trailer.

Keeping the expensive classic and high speed race cars away from prying eyes are the enclosed race shuttle series such as the Race Shuttles 2,3,4,5 & 6 series.

We can offer the full range of trailers in their comprehensive range choose from Micro-max, Minni-Max, B2 Blue, B4 Blue, A2 Transporter and A4 Transporter, Tilt-beds, A-Max, Hi-Max & Auto Trailer, TT-Series, Sprint Shuttle, and the Race Shuttle Series.

The Brian James name is now synonymous with commercial range of trailers – The CarGo Commercial range – with superb specifications and build quality why not take a moment to ask ourselves about this under-stated range … Choose from The Compact, Flat-Bed, All-Plant, Tilt-Bed, or Tipper trailer.

For more information, specifications and price on trailer to suit your application Call us on (+44) 01609 772 449, or enquire - JSW Trailer will help you every step of the way in your quest to get the right trailer

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