Bateson Boston Horse Trailer

The Bateson Boston double horsebox trailer is the brother to the Deauville.

This rear barn door horse trailer boasts to be different and rather understated in the horse trailer market.

We speak to more horse owners who’s horses struggle with loading onto ramps by refusing and making loading a laborious task – having the opening barn doors is a prefect guidance for horses to funnel them into the box and the mini pull-out ramp is there if needed (slides out like a tray and is hidden under the body of the trailer when not in use), but the number of customers we speak to use this pull-out trailer ramp once as the horse finds the step in easy and effortless.

The Bateson Boston is still the same dims as the Deauville in every aspect.

It is certainly a trailer to look at if you have experienced or are experiencing problems with loading – it is NOT a large ‘step-up’ and the individual opening rear barn doors helps guidance by locating into a funnel or totally opening (like wings) to stop the awkward loader skirting off around the trailer.

We recommend this trailer for ease of loading  – many of our customer have stated they would never go back to a horse trailer with ramps!  WHy not take a look at this ramp-less horse trailer

For the specification of the Boston horse trailer please see the Deauville Trailer 

Ext. length

Ext. Width

Ext. Height

Int. Length

Int. Width

Int. height

Unladen weight

Gross weight









Standard features:

  • centrally hinged division
  • front bar and half rear bars
  • mounted spare wheel & cover
  • top opening ventilation flaps to the rear doors
  • saddle rack with cover
  • coupling mirror
  • hitch lock.
  • choice of coloured stripe from: Yellow, Black, Green, Red, Blue and Pink

Optional extras: Wheel-clamp, Security hitch lock, Head divider, CCTV, upgrade to alloy skinned floor, Trailer-Aid

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