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Bio-Security and travelling with a healthy horse

Bio-Security and travelling with a healthy horse. Effective Bio-security controls are essential for protecting your horse from infections / disease and the spread of these.

While regular disinfection might seem labour intensive and costly you MUST consider the consequences of not disinfecting.

This year, besides the usual Strangles, there has been a huge outbreak of Equine Flu across the UK too.  It is contagious and spreads directly (horse to horse contact) and indirectly (horse to rider or tack for example), and it is paramount that your equine friends don’t become a carrier – What should you do?  As horse transport manufacturers and suppliers we felt it important to stock a range of bio-security products, by UK brand AGMA, to assist you in reducing the reach.

How do you develop an effective bio-security plan?

Firstly, you should assess your goals and key concerns?

  • Health concerns (respiratory, infections)
  • Spread of disease; how is this done? Respiratory, Faecal, Contact?
  • Should I be wearing personal protection equipment?
    • Gloves
    • Eye wear
    • Disposable / waterproof suit

By understanding how disease in question is transmitted you will improve your ability to control its spread.  Always speak to your VET.

Travelling with your horse.

Always make sue that your horsebox or the horsebox you have rented has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before use.  Any vehicle used to transport animals should be cleaned and disinfected in between each use by a DEFRA approve disinfectant that’s why we are now stocking the only DEFRA approved cleaning product DIS-IN-FECT.    If your horse doesn’t travel well try spraying some Equaroma calming spray before loading your horse, its essential oils help easy and de-stresses your horse.

Don’t you just love the fresh smell of your stable or horsebox is a detergent?  The pine-based properties of Boxfresh, cleans & deodorises most hard surfaces which as hard surfaces, horseboxes, stables, stall mats, floor, walls, paintwork and ceramics leaving a fresh pine aroma after use.

Stablecleanse is a ready to use multi-purpose hard surface in handy sized bottles. Suitable for use on most hard surfaces in stables, horseboxes, stall mats, floors, walls, doors and more. Again, leaves a lovely pine aroma.  To order please click to our LINKS here

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