Trailer Service and Repairs

Looking for a new trailer for 2024?  Then get in touch today on 01609 772 449 We will be only too pleased to help.

Trailer Service and Repairs

Get your Trailer or Horsebox checked by us!

If you ever need to have your Trailer Service and Repaired then don’t leave it till it breaks.  Did you know each and every braked trailer travelling along the Highway, is it is recommended to have your trailer serviced at least annually, even if your trailer has been in use.   Why? If your trailer is not up to road legalities and you have an accident, even if it is not your fault, your insurance may not pay out on your claim.  You may face a fine or penalty on your driving licence.  Worse still, YOU could also be the cause of a serious accident or even a DEATH by not ensuring that your trailer is road legal or road worthy! If you are unsure when your trailer was last serviced, we carry out trailer servicing and repairs to any make and models of trailer up to 3500kg gross weight.  We won a prestigious Family Business Award for our hands-on customer care, product knowledge and experience, so you are in safe hands.

REMEMBER: It is your responsibility to tell your car insurance that you are towing a trailer. This will be a small “add-on” to your policy and failure in doing so, could invalidate your car insurance, especially if an accident happens.

Here at JSW Trailers, We service, repair and even re-build, ALL makes & models of trailers and our in-depth trailer service consists of stripping down each of the wheels right back to the brake shoes, bearings, expanders and adjusters, leading to all brake cables, brake rod to the hydraulic damper and trailer coupling. Checking of tyre conditions and pressures, the trailer floor, testing of all road lights, and general bodywork condition and a detailed report is given at the end of each service.  Our customers come from as far north as Edinburgh and as far south as Nottingham, our service reputation travels like you and your horse!

Did you know we also sell a range of Bio-security cleaning solutions for your livestock or horse trailer by the only British Royal Warrant branded company AGMASo after each long haul, sterilising the horse area is another chore but necessary, especially if you share loads.

If you are ever “Thinking” about having your trailer serviced, STOP! Don’t think ACT NOW! and book your trailer in TODAY on 01609 772449. You could have saved a life!

We stock a range of trailer parts from brake shoes and cables, hydraulic dampers, trailer lights and lighting boards, breakaway cables, suspension units, wheels & tyres, wheel studs and mudguards to name just a few and many of these items are now available to buy through our eShop.

Case Studies

Cheval Liberte 2003 Model

‘‘ Rotten side wall panel on a Cheval Liberte 2003 model horse trailer, stripped back & replaced with a new side wall panel getting this horsebox trailer back on the road in under 24hours from first arrival’’

Equi Trek Show Treka Horse Trailer

‘‘ The rear back grooms door panel on an Equi Trek Show Treka horse trailer was completely rotten, in fact it was so wet with moisture that it was breading ground to a clump of toadstools. We stripped out the rear (including the mushrooms!) and replaced with a new high grade white GRP panel giving this trailer longevity and usability for many more years to come’’

Ifor Williams Side Replacement

‘‘Even your favourite horse trailer needs some additional TLC and this Ifor Williams HB506 horsebox needed a face lift with a new side wall panel.  The original core had rotted making it unsafe to travel the customers horse.  Again from start to finish this work was done completed quickly and efficiently ensuring many more years’ service to the owner’’

Brands We Stock

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