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Standard feature to the Cheval

April 5, 2024

Yes, this is a Standard feature to the range of Cheval Liberte Horse Trailers, so why are you still contiplating an Ifor Williams or other? Have you seen this STANDARD feature to the Cheval Liberte Horse Trailers? Having this clever feature is perfect for: Cleaning out from too much horse poop  💩 Loading a horse…

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Get serviced and be safe!

April 4, 2024

Get serviced and be safe! Is it time to Get serviced and be safe on the road? This looks innocent but it’s what we see on a regular basis when a trailer has been ‘serviced’ by a ‘reputable service company’ or so we are lead to believe by the owner, until we show them things…

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A brand-new portable horse wash

March 26, 2024

We have a brand-new portable horse wash at a fabulous introductory price, which is ready for you to put in the horsebox to take to this year’s summer events, to cool or wash down. Introducing the portable Equi Bathe Pro. horse wash, which is a hose pipe attachment that dispenses shampoo making bath time effortless!   The…

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Touring Country is the bread and butter

March 13, 2024

The Touring Country is the bread and butter. The Cheval Liberte Touring Country is the bread and butter of the UK’s horse trailers of today. The Cheval story started in the late 90’s and has rapidly grown to become one of the UK’s well-known horse trailer manufacturers. That made famed of the Touring Country, a…

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Spring is in the air

March 1, 2024

Spring is in the air with Bockmann.  For a limited time only: Add colour to your new Böckmann trailer. Spring is in the air with Bockmann, and they are starting spring with three new colours! These will be part of the colour palette of all horse trailers for a short time: Olea (olive), Kumquat (orange)…

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New name for Carriage Trailer

February 19, 2024

We have a NEW name for the Carriage Trailer! Known for years as the Cheval Liberte ‘Hippomobile’, it has now undergone a facelift and a new name as the Gold Marathon.  This good looking carriage trailer is brought up to date in design and inkeeping to the Cheval family. The changes include a new shape…

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