Bockmann Portax LK Royal Blue

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Bockmann Portax LK Royal Blue


Stand out from the crowd with this spacious Bockmann Portax LK in this gorgeous electric Royal Blue.  A super large double front & rear unloading horse trailer with generous space for you and your horses as well as superb quality of build.

At JSW Trailers and Horseboxes, we felt the market was missing a front and rear unload horse trailer, but with an amazing difference.  For superb build quality, smooth tow-ability and if you are struggling to find a trailer to fit your trusted steed.  If you have large, tall or long neck horses, then this could just be for you.

Sick of the side walls of your trailer delaminating? Looking for longevity and quality in it’s build?  Take a serious look this German technology.

Take a deeper look into the World’s best horse trailers, the Bockmann Portax LK is proving to be a saviour to many.

We now have the Portax LK model in stunning Royal Blue, and is perfect for the discerning horse owner who wants more from a horse trailer.

It’s know for it’s comfort, superb quality and, above all, plenty of space for the horse body and head, and for the various needs of the rider. The new Bockmann Portax L K has even a water drain gutter at the front right is impressive in every aspect. Be inspired by the variable spatial concepts and discover the multiple special features of the Portax L models.

Even greater handling thanks to the world-class chassis conforming to automobile standards with hot-dip galvanised individual wheel suspension, coil-spring suspension and wheel shock absorbers, meeting the 100km/h requirement (with reference to the German Road Traffic Act).

MANY DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS: As a result of the rear-ramp/1-wing-door combination fitted as standard. This enables the Portax to be conveniently loaded, even using a forklift for example when transporting feed or round bales.

Easy access without having to bend over thanks to the full-height locking access / jockey door.  Unbeatable space available with the generous interior height of 2300 mm, the Portax offers plenty of headroom in any situation.  Saddles in the trailer with the tack compartment which can be accessed from inside and the generous amount of space available with an interior height of 2300 mm.

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Trailer Information: 

These trailers are manufactured to the very highest levels, look brilliant, tow better than any and in general are the World’s most sort after trailers. We recommend anyone unsure, to come and have a look to see the quality first hand.

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This bright blue horse Trailer with colour coded roof, front nose, wheel-arches and rear bows  So if you want to stand out from the crowd, get in touch today on 01609 772449.

  • This non standard coloured horse trailer in electic royal blue at priced at £21,195 Inc vat (£17,662.50 + vat)

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Stand out from the crowd with this spacious Bockmann Portax LK in this gorgeous electric Royal Blue.  A super large double front & rear unloading horse


Bockmann Trailers

We are pleased to be bringing you the crème de la crème of serious horse transportation.

With probably the largest range of trailers in the world, at last the professional horse-person can have equine transport of their dreams.

The quality of Bockmann outrides any other on the market to date.  Bockmann has moved horse transport to another level with unique futuristic designs built with utter quality materials all without compromise. We are certain once purchased you will never go back.

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