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Mi01 Sentry Tracker


The Mi01 Sentry Tracker is not just for your Plant or Machinery, it is ideal for your trailer (any make/model) too.

Are you sick of trailer theft and escallating insurance policies?  Then let’s introduce the Mi01 Sentry Tracker device which means your trailer can be track anywhere in the World!  YES!, that is right anywhere in the World!

This tracker device is also perfect if you hire out trailers on a daily or weekly basis and you want to keep a track on where they are in the country!  So whether you own one or multiple trailers, then this trailer tracking device is a must.
The Mi01 Sentry equips your asset with GPS, cell-site positioning and RF signal, for maximum after-theft effectiveness, whether placed underground, in a van, or trailer.
  • 24hr Recovery Call Centre: Our control centre team work around the clock to provide you with 24-hour protection, 7-days a week.
  • Self Installation – No Fees: Enjoy no installation fees with this wireless, self-installation device. Simply follow our step-by-step fitting guide.
  • Covert Design: Our discreet Mi01 Sentry recovery system has been specially designed for hidden protection on any asset.
  • Anti-Scan Technology:  Expert features like the Mi01’s wake/sleep cycle make it almost impossible for thieves to jam or block signals, yet still allows us to always gain a position.
  • Weatherproof (IP67):  Rated IP67, the Mi01 Sentry offers protection against dust and water, making it the perfect device for a range of assets.
  • GPS, GSM & RF Positions:  If GPS is unavailable, the Mi01 Sentry has GSM fall-back with an RF beacon, so we still gain a position and recover your stolen asset.
  • Thatcham Certified: For proven protection that can lower insurance premiums, Thatcham use strict criteria and rigorous assessments to evaluate performance and service.
  • Lock Position:  If your vehicle is moved from its ‘locked position’, then on the next scheduled check-in you will receive a notification.
  • Historical Points:  Access log points by map view, online, and through the MiApp.

You are in good hands.  Trusted by:  Heineken – BMW – Vodafone – Mercedes – Hobby and many more.

Initial purchase of the tracker unit is £210 inc vat, and the annual App subscription is £99 inc vat for 12months.  So the intial upfront cost is £309 inc vat, then only £99 per annum thereafter.  Yes, it is a simple as that.

Once purchased, simply download the APP on your Smart Phone and start tracking.  You can purchase this on our sister website here.

If you wish to discuss this trailer security device just give us a call on 01609 772449.

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The Mi01 Sentry Tracker is not just for your Plant or Machinery, it is ideal for your trailer too.  Are you sick of trailer theft and escallating insurance policies?


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Moving Intelligence prides itself on providing the very best in tracking solutions and customer service. Our Thatcham approved products provide discounts on insurance premiums. This means that these products have passed Thatcham's robust testing. Sick of loosing your trailer whether it your Horsebox, Plant Trailer or converted Coffe Bar? Then get in touch with us at JSW to have a smart tracker fitted to your asset.

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