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Unbraked Trailers

Unbraked Trailers.  Trailers do not have to be fitted with brakes until the gross weight exceeds 750 kg, or if the weight of the trailer and load does not exceed half the weight of the towing vehicle. This has many benefits, the trailer cost is much less and maintenance is greatly reduced, hence we call these Unbraked Trailers.

Most small unbraked trailers available are of the camping trailer type and do not stand up to commercial applications. Our platform trailers 520, 720 and 72H are manufactured, using many of the same materials and to the same standard as our 3500 kg trailers.The independent rubber suspension axles on all models use sealed bearing hubs with a 1300 kg capacity and never need adjustment.

New on this range is the lockable cast coupling which now has an extended handle making it easy to operate in awkward places often found on quad bike couplings and under door mounted spare wheels.

  • Models B53, B64,  B84, and B85  are fabricated from pre-galvanised, heavy duty, 2 mm thick steel. Laser cut, punched and formed on the latest CNC machines. All trailers are available with a range of options making them suitable for a large variety of applications.

For other  trailer models and if you ever want spare for your existing trailer, then you can purchase from our webstore here

JSW are one of very trailer dealerships few who can repair, re-build and fully service trailers with having over 60+ years manufacturing and repairing horse wagons. We are happy to look after you and the maintenance of your trailer for years to come.

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Unbraked Trailers. Trailers do not have to be fitted with brakes until the gross weight exceeds 750 kg, or if the weight of the trailer and load does not exceed half


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Established in 1934, Bateson Trailers is an established and branded UK trailer manutacturer. They have manufactured many thousands of trailers for varied applications over the years and we have had many specialised commissions for our clients also. They are large enough to manufacture quantities of quality trailers at competitive prices and small enough to modify designs and produce special trailers based on over 100 standard models. JSW Trailers have worked closely with Bateson for well over 35+ years and have an excellent working partnership with them.

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