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Cheval Liberte Touring Country

Cheval Liberte Touring Country

If you are looking for a trailer that is designed with your horse’s comfort in mind, as well as ease of towing for you, then the new Cheval Liberte Touring Country with built-in tack room fits the bill perfectly.  The Touring Country is a double horse trailer without the compromises. It offers many features that will benefit both your horse while travelling and you, the driver.

Key features

  • Large, built-in tack room.
  • With facilities to store tack & equipment, you can save space in your towing vehicle.
  • A vanity mirror and elastic leaflet net on the interior of the tack room door means you can get ready for competition with ease.

Rear combination ramp/door

With a simple, fast, and functional system, you can transform the opening at the rear of the trailer from a ramp to a barn door and back again. Every horse is different, and adapting the opening to what they prefer can make loading your horse stress-free.  This is also perfect for cleaning out the muck and sawdust from the floor.

Pullman 2 suspension.

Manufactured using Cheval Liberté’s signature car-like, coil spring and dampers Pullman 2 Suspension system, the Touring Country offers industry-leading lowered floor height and exceptional handling qualities. This mechanism means that imperfections in your travelling routes are effectively absorbed, significantly reducing trailer movement and noise, keeping your horse relaxed and ready for optimal performance. Pullman 2 Suspension uses a single piece chassis, so the trailer’s centre of gravity is closer to the ground. This results in better balance, no incline, no steps, and a ground clearance of only 30cm — clever features make for easy loading.


You should not have to sacrifice a calming environment to ensure that your horse does not arrive flustered and sweating after his journey. The Cheval Liberté Touring Country has a light and airy interior, teamed with four sliding windows and an Airtech rear roller. These all encourage effective airflow and ventilation without allowing excessive external noise into the trailer. Plenty of natural light in the trailer also prevents your horse from feeling claustrophobic without absorbing heat into the trailer, as tinted windows do.


The sleek, aerodynamic one-piece front and nose appearance of the Cheval Liberté Touring Country significantly minimises the towing vehicle’s fuel consumption. Available in black, light grey, dark blue white or anthracite, the trailer may even match your vehicle. It effortlessly blends comfort, functionality, and style to offer you and your horse the ultimate towing experience.

High-quality materials

Manufactured using high-class materials renowned for their technical qualities, the Touring Country has anodised aluminium box-section side walls and ramps, with an aluminium floor and 8mm rubber matting. Cheval Liberté has been making aluminium-sided trailers for more than ten years. Over many years, extensive research and development has developed a patent based on a unique assembly method, allowing Cheval Liberte to design trailers like the Touring Country that are stronger, lighter and have excellent handling.


  • External Dimensions: (L) 4470mm x (W) 2150mm x (H) 2750mm
  • Internal Dimensions: (L) 3200mm x (W) 1670mm x (H) 2300mm
  • Stall Dimensions: (L) 1930mm x (W) 830mm x (H) 2265mm
  • Unladen Weight: 850kg
  • Gross Weight options: 2000kg/2600kg

Dimensions and Weights Are Guides Only.

Could this be your next horse trailer?   Get in touch with the UK’s longest Cheval dealership on 01609 772449 We are in the heart of God’s own Country: North Yorkshire.

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If you are looking for a trailer that is designed with your horse’s comfort in mind, as well as ease of towing for you, then the new Cheval Liberté Touring Country


Cheval Liberte

We are award winning family business, JSW Horseboxes & Trailers, and have been loyal with French horse trailer manufacturers, Cheval Liberte, since 2005.  Making us the longest serving distributor, stockist and trailer service centre in the UK.  Not only do we bring you their comprehesive horsebox transport for your trusted steed, we also stockCheval Liberte genuine trailer parts for keeping your beloved horsetrailer on the road.


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